Coaching Testimonials

Elimination of Menstrual Pain, Increased Energy, Healing Thyroid

“Before coming to Feel Fabulous with Food, I tried hormone therapy to reduce my PMS symptoms. My menstruation cycle got so painful I would take the max dose of ibuprofen. I would have PMS symptoms 2 weeks before menstruation. I stopped hormone therapy because I was tired of taking medication and wanted to treat my symptoms with food. I found Karen Ranzi from web search. I already ate Vegan and Gluten Free food. Even though I thought I was giving my body the best, I still had PMS, painful menstruation and hypothyroid. Throughout the next two months, Karen showed me what food should not be eaten together, and how to eat raw in a busy lifestyle. As I finished, it was amazing to see how food has transformed my life. With energy all day, I enjoy a 75% raw lifestyle. My PMS completely disappeared. I kept expecting the next menstruation cycle to be painful but that has not occurred. I know longer need to plan around my menstruation cycle and don’t even need pain killers. Additionally, I am taking less medication to treat my hypothyroid. Food is a medicine. My body responded and now I feel Fabulous.”


Rose Froelich

Healing Acne

Elena Ioan

Struggling with acne is never fun. Especially when you never had skin issues as a teenager. I tried all sorts of things and even consulted my doctor. But I didn’t trust the cream he gave me and I didn’t want to use it because of all the potential side effects. And besides that, I suspect that it would only treat the effects of a deeper cause that needed to be addressed. As I needed someone with a more holistic vision, I turned to Karen. The health coaching she gave me helped me

understand what was going on at a deeper level. She really takes every aspect of your life into consideration to help you, as a health issue is rarely connected to only one factor. If you’re facing any health challenges, don’t hesitate to consider a consultation with this

amazing lady! And she’s so kind and sweet!!!

Elena Ioan

Son healed from severe asthma through diet and lifestyle

Susan Fuller Schmidt

I met Karen Ranzi at a talk during her book tour in North Carolina 5 years ago, and her book and phone coaching set me on a great healing path for my boys. She was one of the first people I learned healthy diet from, and I went on a wonderful healing journey. One of my sons had severe asthma and Karen’s advice was what we needed.

My son is doing absolutely amazing now. At 2 years old the doctors had him on four adult dose medications for asthma and told me his asthma was so severe he would be on steroids for life. By age 8 we had him off all medications and now he runs like crazy as a soccer player. This is all from diet modifications and other healing modalities. It’s the best gift ever having him off all the medications and being able to breathe without inhalers. Thanks again for the support with our son’s asthma.

Susan Fuller Schmidt

Family Transition to A Healthy Raw Vegan Lifestyle in Spain

Adriana Csongor, Spain

I read Karen’s book Creating Healthy Children, which is so good and gave me all the information I needed about raw food. Loved it. Coming from a high meat eater diet, the transformation was difficult. I had lots of detoxification. When we switched to raw vegan, our baby was 9 months, so it was important to do everything right with her. I had lots of questions, so I decided to get coaching sessions with Karen. She is like my second Mom. The coaching sessions helped me a lot. The sessions gave me information, knowledge, support, faith and love. Now we are a happy raw vegan family and Karen has a big work in it. I just say to you if you have any question, do the coaching with Karen. This lifestyle is amazing but you have to do it correctly. Our life changed completely in a good way! Un saludo from Spain.


Adriana Csongor and Family

Quickly Correcting Iron Deficiency

Veronika Lichtner-Hoyer, Austria

I did a blood test and my ferritin level was really really low… It said all out of iron.

Then after I coached with Karen Ranzi and began implementing her plant strong protocol, the symptoms disappeared completely in a very short time. I was so happy. Thank you again for the wonderful work you do.


Veronika Lichtner-Hoyer

Improving the Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

Karen Burgess
I became a raw vegan approximately a year ago to heal from Parkinson’s disease.  I contacted Karen Ranzi because of her experience with the raw food diet and expertise with autism.  During a month of weekly consultations, Karen was incredibly supportive and assisted me in modifying my diet for better nutrition. In addition, she researched Parkinson’s Disease and was able to provide ideas for therapies going forward.  I’m looking forward to my own complete healing, and for anyone looking to expand their diet to include more raw foods I would highly recommend coaching with Karen Ranzi.
Karen Burgess

Autism: Increased Language, Communication, Eye Contact, Reducing Behavioral Symptoms, Healthy Plant-Based Family

Maria Victoria Daral

Happiest birthday to the amazing Ms. Karen Ranzi! She is an amazing mother, health coach, pathologist, raw foods chef, public speaker and author of books about healing the body as well as specializing in children on the autistic spectrum.

I will always remember the day we met you and how it transformed our lives in the best ways.💖 So blessed to have such a wonderful friend in our lives.

Thank you for everything youve done for us and everything you continue to do for humanity. You are an angel and God send here on earth. Love you!!💞🌏🍇🍉🥥🍎 

Maria Victoria Daral

Maria Victoria

Weight Loss, Fertility, Gaining Energy

Pearl Wilkinson

Pearl Wilkinson

Autism: Improved Digestion, Communication Skills, and Behaviors in 16 Year Old Teenager

Mihaela Daraban Testimonial for her daughter Alexandra, from Romania

1. Our daughter’s challenges have been linked to both autism and many other health problems. Among other things, thyroiditis, difficult digestion, low blood pressure, dry skin and the list goes on. By the time I met Karen Ranzi, my daughter had just been forced to finish a fruit-only diet, which lasted six months. It did not go well, and during this time certain deficiencies developed. And so Karen was a blessing to us! And a super trainer in the secrets of raw vegan food.

2. One of the wonderful things I experienced from Karen’s advice was green juice. From the very first days, there were benefits in our daughter’s digestion. The recommendation to remove salt from the diet also had immediate health benefits. 

Also, my daughter previously had upsets and inappropriate reactions to certain social situations, and she now is much calmer. Karen’s dietary tips helped me understand, as she recommended, we get the nutrients we need from fresh whole plant food. 

3. Karen is a warm woman. She treats all subjects with tact, so any email or meeting with her is a delight for both parents and children.

4. If someone were to ask me if I know a great health coach for a child with autism, my answer would be Karen Ranzi.

Thanks dear Karen, you are such a WONDERFUL Health Coach!


Mihaela Daraban

Improving Athletic Performance as a Triathlete

Giorgio Valsecchi of Switzerland

Giorgio Valsecchi

Healing from Autoimmune Condition, Gaining Energy

Ronnie Desrosiers

Ronnie Desrosiers

Healing the Thyroid

I wanted to tell you that my thyroid labs are getting better. My TSH started at 80, and should be between 1-4. By the time we finished our two months of health coaching the TSH was down to 60. Today’s labs are 35! That’s so amazing. Thank you…

Wanted to share this with you.


Ana Laura Velasquez

Coaching with Confidence and Care

I’ve known Karen for over a decade as we share a similar professional field and I’ve also worked with Karen before. Not only is Karen a shining light when it comes to a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and health, she has decades of experience herself, and is also a great coach. She guides you with confidence and care and empowers you with the knowledge you need to make the relevant changes in your life. Karen is a well known thought leader and a very experienced coach in the field of health and nutrition. I absolutely recommend getting her resources and working with her, it’s totally worth it!

Yulia Tarbath, UK

Menstrual Cycle Returned and Improved Mood

Paula Kalf

I’m doing MUCH better now, with a more regular cycle and amazing mood. I have taken your advice, and with your help I have re-entered womanhood and am so thrilled to have my cycle back! All I needed was your push and your amazing recommendations! 

Paula Kalf

Alice Coppola, Healing Stomach and Gut Issues, Reversing Mold Toxicity, Gaining Energy

Alice Coppola says:

“I met Karen several years ago at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. I always enjoyed her food demos and health sessions and wasn’t aware that she provided health coaching as well.

Although I was mostly vegan and 100% gluten free, I started to experience stomach issues in 2022. After several visits to a gastroenterologist and several scans (GI tests, endoscopy, etc.), they weren’t able to identify the cause of these issues and wanted to put me on meds to reduce “acid.” I tried meds for a short time, but then I contacted Karen for health counseling.

Contacting Karen was one of the best things I did in 2022.

One week into Karen’s program I started to feel better with my stomach issues as she showed me how to food combine correctly and gave me direction to better supplements and probiotics. My stomach and digestion is 100 times better than where I was.

My Mold Test Complement C4A is now normal (from the 1800’s down to 560), and through diet and lifestyle changes, mold was purged from my body.

Karen is amazing and I highly recommend her :-)”

Kelly Ann Mullen, Weight Loss, Increased Energy, Healing Thyroid

Kelly Ann Mullen

Thank you Karen for all your hard work. My transition to a high raw vegan lifestyle was easier with you coaching me. I so appreciated your wealth of information and knowledge in the field of the raw vegan lifestyle. I lost 10 pounds during our coaching time and I have so much energy. I’m happy to have the opportunity to reduce and eventually eliminate the thyroid medication. I feel more confident and able to stay with my goals of becoming raw vegan. The information you gave me about the beauty products was most valuable to knowing how they affect my hormones. Your understanding I’m married and needed to combine the dual lifestyles was most beneficial, especially when going out with my husband. Helping me in that way socially was so important to me. Thank you so very much!!!! ❤️

E.S. Healing Hypothyroidism and Raising Healthy Raw Vegan Children

I went on a low fat raw vegan diet to heal my hypothyroidism. I was on armour thyroid for 20 years and thyroid blood work  was always out of range. Now I have had for 4 years in a row all thyroid blood work in normal range and I have been off thyroid medicine for 4 years completely after slowly weaning.My thyroid ultrasound said my thyroid was completely healthy and the nurse was amazed. I have also birthed a baby at home on this raw vegan lifestyle with no complications and breast feed and grown 2 children on this diet naturally for 4.5 years each.  Working with Karen’s support and her kind, loving, informed, knowledgeable on research and open demeanor makes this lifestyle feel empowering, motivating, joyful, realistic and healthy within all vitamin and minerals requirements. My children love this lifestyle as well. They are healthy and happy. They love the taste of a variety of healthy raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts . Karen gives you the confidence you need to trust your body and the lifestyle for healing and true health for all ages. After working with Karen and listening to her coaching calls My daughter was inspired how much Karen helps people and she said she wants to be like Karen when she gets older.
Wishing you a healthy journey