Who is the Vegan Coach Certification Course for?

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About the Course

100 hours, up to 6 months

Study at home

Course materials

Review and assignments

Bonuses Included with the Course

Three books included

With the course you will receive Karen's 3 books along with the Course Study Guides: Raw Vegan Recipe Fun for Families and Creating Healthy Children and Heal and Prevent Autism.


Two mentoring sessions with Karen Ranzi at start and Course completion

Focused coaching sessions on zoom, reviewing the Course material and the marketing strategy for your business.

Weekly Online Live Coaching with Karen

Weekly Q & A and Information Updates with Karen on Coaching Strategies and Visibility

Essential Study Guides

Module 1

Defining the Health Issues

Module 2

The Plant-Powered Solution

Module 3

Strategies for the Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Module 4

Working with Clients and Visibility

Chiropractor and Vegan Health Coach

Dr. Ryan Trussler, Chiropractor, Melbourne, Australia

“Karen Ranzi’s Vegan Coach Certification Course provides critical knowledge of Raw Veganism and the depth of knowledge that surrounds it. My work as a Chiropractor involves not only looking after a patient’s spinal health, but also the foundational knowledge that keeps the body healthy. At my clinic, we provide workshops for patients on health, exercise, and wellness. I have integrated knowledge from this coaching course to educate others on plant-based nutrition and how it affects overall health, body systems and recovery. Anyone who is keen to understand a higher level of health and vitality and wants to teach others this  important information, this is the course for you.”


Ryan Trussler
Chiropractor and Plant-Based Health Coach

Naturopath and Vegan Health Coach

Alanna Minta Jordan

The Vegan Coach Certification Course impacted me the most in opening my eyes to information I was completely unaware of: the importance of a low fat plant diet in order to have a proper nutrient uptake, the presence of acrylamide in browned food, the effect of MSG on the brain, the fact that digestive enzymes in food are killed off when food is cooked. From a personal standpoint, I have made major changes to my diet and therefore my lifestyle. My digestion is better than it’s ever been and my energy has skyrocketed. This Course background is an excellent fit with my naturopathic degree. I have learned so much and it makes me want to keep digging further…I clearly plan to help as many people as possible in modifying their diet and lifestyle to become healthier.



From Client to Vegan Health Coach

Debbie Iammatteo

Vegan Health Coach and Speaker

Lauren Orlando

Vegan Health Coach and Women’s Health Retreat Host

Dr. Letitia Haynes

I’m so excited to have completed the Vegan Coach Certification Course. I have learned so much and I appreciate Karen’s patience and understanding throughout the process. It has been a great honor to be her understudy. THANK YOU. I’m so glad to have had Karen Ranzi as my coach. I’m now hosting my first Women’s Health Retreat based on Karen Ranzi’s model and it’s exciting to have women sign up to coach with me. I’ve learned so much from Karen about health and wellness. Thank you Karen for trusting me to be one of your students.

Thank you immensely for everything Karen, you are an amazing person!


Vegan Health Coach

Heidi Klaus

This entire Course has had a significant impact on me and has opened my eyes to a new form of health and nutrition. As an 11 year, mainly whole food plant-based vegan, I now have a new appreciation for the power of fruits. I understand so much more about the nutritional benefits that fruit has to offer. My goal is to be 100% raw vegan, and I will get there. I thank Karen for all she does to make the Course possible. The information shared with us well exceeds what I was expecting. The guest speakers and Karen’s personal experiences all can’t be written in a book. Karen Ranzi and the Vegan Coach Certification Course gave me so much knowledge in a short six month period.

Heidi Klaus

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