Autism: Improved Digestion, Communication Skills, and Behaviors in 16 Year Old Teenager

Mihaela Daraban Testimonial for her daughter Alexandra, from Romania

1. Our daughter’s challenges have been linked to both autism and many other health problems. Among other things, thyroiditis, difficult digestion, low blood pressure, dry skin and the list goes on. By the time I met Karen Ranzi, my daughter had just been forced to finish a fruit-only diet, which lasted six months. It did not go well, and during this time certain deficiencies developed. And so Karen was a blessing to us! And a super trainer in the secrets of raw vegan food.

2. One of the wonderful things I experienced from Karen’s advice was green juice. From the very first days, there were benefits in our daughter’s digestion. The recommendation to remove salt from the diet also had immediate health benefits. 

Also, my daughter previously had upsets and inappropriate reactions to certain social situations, and she now is much calmer. Karen’s dietary tips helped me understand, as she recommended, we get the nutrients we need from fresh whole plant food. 

3. Karen is a warm woman. She treats all subjects with tact, so any email or meeting with her is a delight for both parents and children.

4. If someone were to ask me if I know a great health coach for a child with autism, my answer would be Karen Ranzi.

Thanks dear Karen, you are such a WONDERFUL Health Coach!


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