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Karen Ranzi

About Karen Ranzi

Karen Ranzi is mother to two adults raised healthfully as vegans, and then raw vegans, award-winning author, internationally acclaimed speaker, holistic health coach, director of the online Vegan Certification Course, certified raw food chef, speech, language and feeding therapist, and owner of and

Karen grew up with extreme hormonal imbalances and gut health issues which effected her digestion, as she had Candida and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) for years. Her monthly cycle was highly erratic and she had severe cystic acne for almost three decades. Doctors told her the symptoms were genetic and she needed to treat with medications. Over time and tragic family experiences, Karen learned that the power of whole plant foods and lifestyle modifications is the only way to heal the root cause of health challenges. Karen has been a Holistic Health Coach since 1998 and Director of The Vegan Certification Course since 2015.

Karen is winner of the Bronze Medal “Living Now” Award in the category of Health and Nutrition, and the “Peer-to-Peer Award for Service to Children’s Health. Karen has traveled throughout the United States and abroad to speak on the extreme benefits of a plant-powered lifestyle. Karen has been a popular featured speaker at the London Vegfest and the Woodstock Fruit Festival, and has been a featured speaker for events in Australia, Borneo, Russia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Canada, the UK and throughout the United States.

Karen is a contributing writer for VegWorld Magazine, Fruit Powered Magazine and Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine.
Karen presents a variety of topics on health and wellness in offline and online classes which are fun and inspiring for those who are ready to take their health and taste to the next level.
Karen offers a Free Master Class for aspiring health coaches on “How to Become A Successful Health Coach in the Vegan Niche.” Go to
In 1994, Karen was able to heal her three year old son from asthma, chronic ear infections and multiple allergies, and herself from digestive and skin problems through dietary and lifestyle changes. By means of her education, life-changing personal experiences, and sincere desire to share her message, Karen has been able to guide thousands toward developing excellent health through a vibrant plant-powered lifestyle.

Awesome transformations

Weight Loss of Over 30 Pounds and Increased Energy

My most significant life change took place when I met Karen Ranzi. She introduced me to raw food living.

I took her course 4 times and began to make more lifestyle changes. As a result I lost over 30 pounds without going on a diet, I had more energy than ever and looked at life with so much enthusiasm and joy!

Thank you Karen for changing my life forever!

Rosanne Ponchick

Weight Loss, Healing Brain Fog, Increased Athletic Endurance, Higher Spiritual Awareness

I feel blessed and fortunate to have found Karen. I am taking away from her plant-based and raw food program a calming awareness that I can cleanse my body.

Thanks to this program, I have achieved a level of athletic endurance that I wish I was able to discover years ago. My mental clarity and confidence are rejuvenated. Specifically, I list below all of my recent health “recoveries”:

1. I lift heavier weights at the gym than I have ever in my life, with LESS time devoted to workouts!

2. Karen inspired me to drop my coffee habit. I have dreams again and fall into a deeper sleep!

3. I’m now a size 4 without effort. I don’t need to say more about that.

4. I’ve been experiencing a higher spiritual awareness and less destructive internal dialogue. I have self respect for my body and focus on healing from the inside out.

Karen’s courses are for those who desire a permanent healthy lifestyle change.

Lauren Orlando

More testimonials

Healing Autoimmune Disease

“I found Karen at a time in my life when I was healing from auto immune disease. I was mourning the fact that I could no longer metabolize enriched foods, alcohol, or vitamins due to an underlying cause, and I was scared. I felt somewhat like an outcast eating all plant based and I wanted to come to peace with my food options.

Karen helped me to fully embrace my new lifestyle with confidence. Through listening to Karen’s own experiences with her own diet and others, I realized that being in the minority when it comes to eating well is where I want to be. So many are sick and need someone like Karen coaching them so they too can dig out of the entrenchment of our society’s sickly way of thinking.

My physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health has improved tremendously while working with Karen. She’s a wonderful mentor, listener, resource, encourager and she will help inspire you to want better for yourself, and for your children.

I am so grateful that I’m where I’m at both emotionally and physically because I made Karen a part of my healing plan. Her support has been so valuable to me, as well as her friendship and I’ll always be grateful for the time we spent together.”

Amber A.

Turning Around the Symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes

“I was inspired to take Karen’s Raw Food Coaching Program to get better health and to learn tools to fight Diabetes Type II. I really liked the valuable coaching and support. I recently had my cholesterol numbers checked. My endocrinologist said my cholesterol numbers have already dropped so much that a drug is no longer required. Also due to Karen’s teachings, my A1C levels have dropped. Based on taking Karen’s classes, I have added many more raw foods to my diet.”

Amanda Grubb

Healing Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dear Karen,

I wanted to thank you once again for introducing me and my husband to a healthier way of eating. Both of us were suffering from arthritis and joint pains. We have been vegan for a little over six months now since your course.

The pain that I had in my hands is totally gone. Both my knees and my husband’s knees are pain free. Giving up meat and dairy has definitely changed our quality of life. We can never go back to the way we used to eat.

We are now able to eat more, we are never hungry, and no longer crave the sugary snacks. Your recipes are easy to follow as well as being very tasty. I look forward to taking additional classes with you.
Thanks again,

Fran Tepper

When I started working with Karen, I was absolutely obsessed and attached to food, especially large quantities of food. I was an emotional eater and used animal products and processed foods to anesthetize myself from feeling my emotions.

After working with Karen for 3 months, I have experienced such amazing transformation in my eating, more than I thought possible for myself. Not only did I become 100% vegan (mostly raw), but slowly but surely I have let go of my attachment to food.

Karen helped me transition to a vegan diet so that I never felt hungry or deprived. She listened to me without judgment and never belittled or reprimanded me when I fell off the wagon. She kept encouraging me and believing in me and that made all the difference. She offered so much love and wisdom, more than I signed up for. I definitely feel like working with Karen is worth every dollar, because I have more of myself back than I ever have.

Thanks so much!

Gail Wisner, Esq., L.E.E.D. G.A.

Karen has been an inspiration to me. I’ve known her for 20 years and she initially inspired me and introduced me to Raw Food back then. I saw results with my skin, psoriasis and warts, which totally vanished. I was 100% raw. I am not completely raw now, so that is why I am here at these coaching classes to get reinspired.

Thank you for your wealth of information, Karen!

April Schoenherr

It was great working with you, Karen. Your vast knowledge and communication skills made me feel like a sponge wanting to soak everything up.

I honestly believe that we all need someone like you in our lives. You demonstrated such empathy in our discussions. I liked the fact that you were not forceful but rather provided the materials that taught me there’s a better approach for healing Type 2 Diabetes.

I look forward to continuing this journey and plan to work with you further in the future.



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DISCLAIMER: This health information is not a substitute for Medical Advice. The information in my Websites, Courses, Products and Services is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. I am not a doctor or physician. Coaching with me is not a substitute for professional medical advice. People who have shared their testimonials were highly motivated to restore their health – they were fully committed and followed through on action steps, making them very coachable. I cannot guarantee that you can achieve the same results on your own.