Sophie Lavergne – Peri and Post Menopausal Health

I contacted Karen Ranzi to obtain more information regarding her experience with menopause under a low fat raw vegan lifestyle and get her recommendations.
I am 45, under a high fruit and vegetable diet, and fully aware of my changing body.  Since I hear a lot of uncomfortable stories these days about menopause, I wanted to get the tools to make this life transition the most enjoyable possible.
 I met Karen 3 years ago at the Woodstock Fruit Festival and really enjoyed her energy.
 I found her very friendly, approachable, gentle, caring, and supportive. She was also very flexible and understanding when scheduling our first coaching session and provided several options regarding her program. After an hour session, I got great wholesome tips (food, water, exercise, rest, breathing …) to start on the right path.
Thanks Karen!!

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