Increasing Focus, Productivity and Delicious Healthy Meals for the Family

I started working with Karen because I wanted to learn how to add more delicious, raw, vegan foods to my family’s plates to boost everyone’s health. We are a busy family with school and work, so I wanted to provide nutritious meals that would help everyone increase focus and productivity. When I started working with Karen, I was already plant-based, but wanted to make sure I was “doing things right” especially while raising a child. Karen was such a joy to work with. When we first met, she took a lot of time getting to know me and learn about my goals. I wanted to create more delicious and nutritious fillings for my son’s lunch boxes and yummy, healthy after-school snacks. Boy, did she deliver. Her sessions are an eclectic mix of deep conversation and helpful, fun training. Best of all, Karen delivered laser-focused help in small, doable one-by-one steps. She helped our family feel healthy and happy, focused and productive. I highly recommend working with her. She’s amazing!

San Francisco Bay Area

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