E.S. Healing Hypothyroidism and Raising Healthy Raw Vegan Children

I went on a low fat raw vegan diet to heal my hypothyroidism. I was on armour thyroid for 20 years and thyroid blood work  was always out of range. Now I have had for 4 years in a row all thyroid blood work in normal range and I have been off thyroid medicine for 4 years completely after slowly weaning.My thyroid ultrasound said my thyroid was completely healthy and the nurse was amazed. I have also birthed a baby at home on this raw vegan lifestyle with no complications and breast feed and grown 2 children on this diet naturally for 4.5 years each.  Working with Karen’s support and her kind, loving, informed, knowledgeable on research and open demeanor makes this lifestyle feel empowering, motivating, joyful, realistic and healthy within all vitamin and minerals requirements. My children love this lifestyle as well. They are healthy and happy. They love the taste of a variety of healthy raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts . Karen gives you the confidence you need to trust your body and the lifestyle for healing and true health for all ages. After working with Karen and listening to her coaching calls My daughter was inspired how much Karen helps people and she said she wants to be like Karen when she gets older.
Wishing you a healthy journey

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