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Elimination of Menstrual Pain, Increased Energy, Healing Thyroid

“Before coming to Feel Fabulous with Food, I tried hormone therapy to reduce my PMS symptoms. My menstruation cycle got so painful I would take the max dose of ibuprofen. I would have PMS symptoms 2 weeks before menstruation. I stopped hormone therapy because I was tired of taking medication and wanted to treat my symptoms with food. I found Karen Ranzi from web search. I already ate Vegan and Gluten Free food. Even though I thought I was giving my body the best, I still had PMS, painful menstruation and hypothyroid. Throughout the next two months, Karen showed me what food should not be eaten together, and how to eat raw in a busy lifestyle. As I finished, it was amazing to see how food has transformed my life. With energy all day, I enjoy a 75% raw lifestyle. My PMS completely disappeared. I kept expecting the next menstruation cycle to be painful but that has not occurred. I know longer need to plan around my menstruation cycle and don’t even need pain killers. Additionally, I am taking less medication to treat my hypothyroid. Food is a medicine. My body responded and now I feel Fabulous.”


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