Marla Rio, Raw Vegan Health Coach

Just want to express my deep gratitude for Karen Ranzi and the Vegan Coach course! I have been plant based for about 10 years now, and as a passionate advocate of a Raw Vegan lifestyle I knew I needed to educate myself further in order to guide others on their own transformative journey.

From the beginning to end, the course was well-organized and easy to follow. The modules were comprehensive and covered everything from the fundamental principles of raw veganism to coaching skills.

Karen was a wealth of information and just a joy! She gave great resources, videos, and articles to back up both scientific and practical experiences.

I also loved meeting once a week to connect with like-minded students of the course and to just be a part of such an awesome community.

The course content was not only focused on dietary aspects but also emphasized the importance of addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a raw vegan lifestyle that are so important. I appreciated this as they are crucial in helping people make lasting changes in their lives and getting to the root of the issues.

After completing the course, I feel empowered and prepared to embark on my journey as a Raw Vegan Coach. I highly recommend taking this course to anyone passionate about living a Raw Vegan lifestyle and helping others discover the countless benefits it can bring to their lives. I am so thankful.

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