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Margo Benedetti Ghobrial, Vegan Health Coach, Reiki Master & Energy Healer

My name is Margo Benedetti Ghobrial and I have just completed Karen Ranzi’s Vegan Coach Certification Course.

I essentially grew up with Karen – Karen’s oldest daughter was my childhood best friend and so I spent a lot of time with Karen’s family and at her house, being exposed to their vegan, and then raw vegan lifestyle. It was something I had never been exposed to before as I came from a family who ate a Standard American Diet. Based on this exposure, Karen’s influence, and the vibrancy and endless energy her family seemed to possess, I made the choice at 15 to become a vegetarian and then later on transitioned into vegan. I became a sponge for information on health and nutrition as well as a collector of vegetarian, vegan, and raw cookbooks. 

 I decided to enroll in Karen’s Coaching Certification program because I wanted to be able to take this passion I felt for food and nutrition and funnel it into an occupation that would be both profitable and fulfilling. Knowing Karen for most of my life, I already knew how knowledgeable and passionate she was about the raw vegan lifestyle. She really has always been a wealth of information – she can name endless plant foods and tell you exactly which vitamins and minerals that these foods were rich in, without hesitation! She has a deep history with clients and coaching, providing her with numerous case studies and evidence to support the valuable effects of the inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables into the diet. If I was going to go forward with becoming a health coach, I knew that it had to be with Karen.

During the course, not only does Karen provide you with tons of information on health, food, and healing the body but she will offer you all of the knowledge and information she has collected within her lifetime and as a 29-year raw vegan. Besides this, she really works hard to set her students up as successful coaches, teaching us everything from how to begin social media accounts, to video editing, giving us her own personal health questionnaires that she uses with her clients, and walking us through the process of screening clients up through setting up individual and group coaching sessions. Karen is so passionate about the raw vegan lifestyle, and seeing new generations of health coaches emerge, that she will hold absolutely nothing back from her students. She wants them all to be just as successful as she is. Karen wants her students to leave her class being able to hit the ground running, and to avoid some of the unnecessary hurdles of startup.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in turning health and healing into an occupation. You will not find anyone out there who is more passionate than Karen and who will dedicate more of their time and attention to student’s needs and success. The amount of personal time that Karen dedicates to each student’s advancement is invaluable. She is always available to her students for questions and discussions, approaching each individual with care and respect. No matter what your niche may be, there is a way to work this course into it. I, for example, came into the course thinking I may want to start some type of vegan meal prep or catering business. Throughout 6 months I had some realizations that I would like to start a more holistic healing practice. One where I can take this certification and my knowledge of vegan foods, food preparation, etc. and combine it with another passion of mine and my certifications in Reiki and IET energy healing.

Karen was able to help me take this vision and make suggestions as to how I could mold it into a practice. If you are passionate and lit up by the possibilities of healing through food, and you feel that it’s something you may want to turn into a source of income for yourself, then take this course with Karen, take in all of her knowledge, resources, and individual time that she will spend with you, and let her set you up towards a path of fulfilling a higher purpose for your life.

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