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Jim Tibbetts, Prolific Author and Vegan Health Coach

My name is Jim Tibbetts and I live in New Hampshire. I became a vegetarian back in college in 1976 so I’ve been a vegetarian a long time, and then I became an 80/20 raw vegan back in 2000 – 2001.  I’ve written about a dozen books on plant-based diets and fasting.  I’ve taken the

  • Certifications online with Colin Campbell Nutrition Studies;

    That was a basic vegetarian understanding course.  Then I took the

  • Hippocrates Institute Lifestyle Program;

    It was more advanced since it was about a raw vegan lifestyle.

              Then I took —

  • Karen Ranzi’s Vegan Coach Certification Course, which I like for 3 main reasons;

    1.  I wanted to learn from her, especially since she was friends with Dr. Doug Graham and I wanted to learn about the high fruit orientation, I was already low-fat and vegan.

    2.  She is one of the few raw vegans in the field who has a broad understanding and tolerance of the different Schools of Thought; most people are very one-sided to only believe and practice one type of raw vegan diet approach, one School of Thought, but Karen understands them and is able to integrate them, and I knew that is rare for someone to be able to do that, since most people just take sides.  And she’s been 100% raw vegan for many years, that is also rare.

    3rd reason;  To get a Coaching Certificate, to use when I help coach others.

The course itself:

  • It was an excellent course in its content and structure.  I’ve been in this field a long time and have written books on plant-based diets, so I know a lot; but in her course I learned a lot of new material.
  • Her question and answer format was great; it allowed her students to ask real questions about real life situations.
  • Her presentations were very professional and easy to understand online.

    I got a lot out of Karen’s Coaching course.  I learned a lot about the vegan, raw vegan lifestyle and about the best way to practice coaching, about the tools that we need in the internet field, the best internet programs to use and how to use them; such as Instagram, Facebook, U-Tube and a lot more.

    Yes, I would highly recommend her course. This course is excellent in its teachings, in answering all your questions and in preparing a person to be a coach in the vegan field.

   I hope you’re able to take this course and grow because of it.  God Bless.

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