Welcome to the Raw Vegan Coaching Certification Course

In this Course, you will learn all you need to start a raw food coaching career. Each Module is followed by a Review section. Take your time to respond and finish all the assignments. You will be able to continue to the following module after I send you my feedback.

By taking this course you will be able to organize your knowledge and accumulate the necessary resources.

For best results, fully read and review all the lesson’s essential reading and materials.


Course Information

Estimated Time: 6 months

Course Instructor

Karen Ranzi, M.A. Karen Ranzi, M.A. Author

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Module 1: Defining the Problem

Module 1: Study Guide
Defining the Problem
Why Animal Flesh and Products Do Not Belong in a Human Diet
Heavy Metals
Soy Issues
Gluten Intolerance
MSG in Foods
Essential Fatty Acids
Health Problems of Children
Childhood Obesity
Children’s Allergies
Autism Spectrum Disorder and Risk Factors
End of Module 1 Review

Module 2: The Raw Food Solution

Module 2: Study Guide
Benefits of a High Raw Diet
Raw Food vs. The Cooked, American Diet
Why the Low Fat Raw Vegan Lifestyle for Adults?
A Note about Fruits
Poor Choices When Switching to Raw Food Diet
Nutritional deficiencies overlooked
Harmful Iron Supplementation
Calcium Needs
Karen’s 3 Day Low Fat Raw Vegan Food Diary
Foods to Eat in Small Quantities or Avoid
Whole Cooked Food Options and Transitions
Why Eating Raw Foods Makes Sense?
Condiments and Sweeteners
Fermented Foods, Probiotics, Chemical Sensitivities and Histaminosis
Alkaline/Acid High Raw Percentages
Thermal Properties of Food
Food Combining Chart
Phytic Acid and Sprouting
Juicing and Fasting
End of Module 2 Review

Module 3: The Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Module 3: Study Guide
5 Essential Kitchen Appliances
Perfect Sleep
Buying Raw Foods on a Budget
Oral Health
Personal Care
Skin Disorders
Dining out and Traveling
Healthy Halloween and Other Holidays
Tips to Getting Families On Board 
Following a Raw Food Lifestyle and Social Ramifications
The Worst 10 Foods Your Child Should Never Eat
Breastfeeding and First Foods
Creating and Raising Healthy Children and Families
What to Do When Sick
Children’s Eyesight
End of Module 3 Review

Module 4: Working with Clients

Module 4: Study Guide
Health Questionnaire
Food Log Feedback
Menu Planning the Super Healthy Way
Emotional Cravings
Weight Loss
Creating Your Brand
Karen’s Bio and Credentials
Building Your Presence
Building Your Client Base
Group Coaching
Building Your Reputation
Goal-Setting for Coaches
Extra Information for Coaches
Why do many kids seem to thrive on junk food?
End of Module 4 Review
Your Health Questionnaire
You’ve made it!