About the Raw Vegan Coaching Certification Course

100 hours, up to 6 months

This is a 100 hour course and I offer six months to completion. Some of my students have completed it sooner depending on their available time and reading pace. Private mentoring is included before and following course completion, a special bonus making this course unique. When the four Q & A Reviews have been completed for each Module, a certificate of completion will be awarded for vegan coach certification.

Study at home

Students have come from countries worldwide. The course work is done right from your own home. The mentoring sessions are usually done through Zoom or Skype early in the course and following completion, and I am available to my students by email during the course for any questions.

Course materials

You will have access to Modules 1 through 4. I also send you my book Creating Healthy Children by mail within the U.S. and the recipe ebooks, and ebooks for international students to be included as resource materials. Each Module contains a Guide which includes links to important videos and articles from my decades of research into the vegan and raw vegan diet and related lifestyle factors.

Review and assignments

Each student should fully understand the in-depth material that this Course provides. There is a Review and Assignment section following each module. This is not a test but instead a practical experience. It is a Q & A to cover the material in that Module. The Q & A is essay style and will be sent to me for feedback. Following my feedback, you move ahead to the next Module.

All Your questions answered

In between Modules, I’m available for any questions that should come up by email. You can contact me any time using the contact form.

Module 1:

Defining the issues

Module 1 focuses on Defining the Health Issues, and goes into a broad array of the health concerns we face in today’s society and the challenges facing the plant-based health coach, leading you to identify your most interesting niche. 

In module 1, information is included on both adults and children so that the information covers a variety of health concerns.

Module 2:

The raw food solution

Module 2 covers the Plant-Based and Raw Food Solution and how we need to begin educating ourselves and others on healing protocols.

Twenty-six topics focus on nutrient dense foods, cleansing and detoxification, food combining, nutritional deficiencies and much more.

Module 3:

The raw vegan lifestyle

Module 3 covers The Raw Vegan Lifestyle for health and healing, for individuals and families. There are eighteen different topics that this
guide delves into and covers the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle in relation to food, personal care, digestion and elimination,
rest and sleep, what to do when sick, the numerous details involved in
transitioning to a plant-based high raw or fully raw lifestyle.

 Some clients may be on a slower transition and you will learn how to gradually guide them on their chosen path to better health.

Module 4:

Working with Clients

Module 4 covers marketing and working with clients. This module covers exercise, emotional cravings, food logs and feedback, meal planning, motivational information, developing your brand, and getting clients.

Following this Module we have our mentoring session and I guide you on where to begin with your coaching and setting up your business model.

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